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Pipe & Tube Nationwide Wholesale SupplierBecause of the many grades, sizes and specs on stainless steel pipe and tube we at U.S. Tube Supply are often asked to meet tight delivery deadlines and restrictive specs on pipe and tube that can make procurement a challenge at best and impossible at worst for a purchasing department.

The key to make buying stainless pipe and tube efficient and easy is access to vast inventory and a supplier with experience getting the right pipe and tube for the job.

One such supplier, U.S. Tube Supply takes it a step further with this formula to get the best price, fastest delivery, and material that meets spec. “Three important issues to consider when buying stainless steel are first and foremost a competitive price. When you buy a lot the mills and service centers give the best prices and that is a key concern for any buyer. Go with a supplier that has buying power. The second most frequent concern is lead time. We at U.S. Tube Supply have a vast network of yards to ship from and that flexibility allows minimal transit time (and cost). Finally, attention to detail to assure material will clean up to finished dimensions and meet any specs or restrictions the customer may have.”

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U.S. Tube Supply is dedicated to providing pipe and tube solutions to our customers. By providing the most cost effective materials to specifications with minimal lead time U.S. Tube Supply strives to become a trusted partner with our customer.

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